Our Chance At The Helm

It is easy to complain.

It is easy to pick apart other people’s actions; even easier to pick apart other people. It is easy to analyze why someone else’s idea failed. It’s easy to draw attention to the missteps in operations, marketing, or technology. It’s easy to say Wichita just doesn’t have any startups, investors, developers, coders, designers, entrepreneurs, or people who care.

It is hard to turn against the momentum that draws us all down the same path that we’ve been on for the last twenty years.

We have an opportunity to do something hard, but the end result can be worth the work. At the end of this month, in just two weeks, a gathering will happen. The ICT Unconference will take place. This your chance to do something, to start something, to make a plan for what’s next in our city.

At this event, the attendees set the agenda. You have the opportunity now, and the morning of the event to propose the session topics, as well as participate throughout the day.

If you post an idea here and submit your link here, I will put your name in a drawing for free tickets to the event. On Monday, April 14, I will announce the winners, drawn at random.


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