New Coworking Communication

Communication beyond Connection

Always on the look out for something to improve the day-to-day within our walls, my ears perked when I first came across Slack. I’ve used many tools to facilitate group communication, and things always seem to devolve back into email, Gchat, Skype, Twitter or Facebook Messages. This was frustrating to me because community building is the most important aspect of the Labor Party.

This is demonstrated in the length of time people stay members. As the “connectedness” of a member increases, their likelihood of leaving decreases. With fragmented communication, it is harder to connect and harder to get to know the people who work around you.

There are also problems that only show up when you’ve built your connection with someone purely geographically. I’m the Founder, and there are still email addresses, phone numbers, or social profiles I don’t have even though I might talk to the people connected to them daily.

Enter Slack

I loved the idea from the first time that i saw it. and lucky for us, the good people behind the app were excited to try it out in a coworking environment. So, before one can even buy the service. All members have access now. If you haven’t gotten your invitation, click contact and yours will be hand delivered (to your email).

Not only is this good for member-to-member communication, but each team (permeant or temporary) can have their own private conversations.

Interested in learning more about Slack?

They do a great job of explaining what Slack is over here.


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