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Three Steps to Change the World

I had been mulling several seemingly unrelated events over the last week, when, suddenly, everything seemed connected. I thought it would make a nice post here. So as I started mapping my thoughts, I realized that I had stumbled onto an idea much larger than anticipated.


Brown Bag Concert 2-Aaron Lee Martin

Brown Bag Concert 2 - Aaron Lee Martin


Announcing Startup Weekend Wichita

The Labor Party will be hosting Wichita’s first Start Up weekend. The Startup Wichita Event website has many more about the details. You can buy Startup Weekend tickets here.


Brown Bag Concert 1-Francis Moss

In early March, we began with new idea to enhance the atmosphere once a month.

Started By Accident

Four friends wanted to work together. Both in physical proximity and in collaboration. They were Jarrett Green, Kenton Hansen, Chris Parks, and Todd Ramsey. While each talented and know in their own right, the goal was to create a loose affiliation - a network - to serve growing clients and achieve big goals.