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  • New Goals for 2014

    New Goals for 2014

    2013 was a great year for the Labor Party, and for the community as a whole. We aim for even greater things in the next 12 months. Much of that is due to the people in this community. The Creators, Builders, and Doers are leading Wichita into a new time of innovation. We are perched at the crest of a tall hill, and the momentum we built this last year will carry us into the future.


  • New Coworking Communication

    New Coworking Communication

    Always on the look out for something to improve the day-to-day within our walls, my ears perked when I first came across Slack.


  • Startup Weekend

    Startup Weekend

    Here is a recap from the perspective of Lacy Hansen:

    “It’s what?” “They’re going to do what?” “I don’t understand.”

    These were just a few on the many statements I made over the last few months as Kenton planned for Wichita’s first-ever, Startup Weekend.


  • Three Steps to Change the World

    Three Steps to Change the World

    I had been mulling several seemingly unrelated events over the last week, when, suddenly, everything seemed connected. I thought it would make a nice post here. So as I started mapping my thoughts, I realized that I had stumbled onto an idea much larger than anticipated.


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