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  • "Unfinishe ." a call for artists


  • Our Chance at the Helm: ICT Unconference

    Our Chance at the Helm: ICT Unconference

    At this event, the attendees set the agenda. You have the opportunity now, and the morning of the event to propose the session topics, as well as participate throughout the day.

    If you post an idea here and submit your link here, I will put your name in a drawing for free tickets to the event. On Monday, April 14, I will announce the winners, drawn at random.


  • New Coworking Communication

    New Coworking Communication

    Always on the look out for something to improve the day-to-day within our walls, my ears perked when I first came across Slack.


  • Lamphouse Photo Co. FInal Friday

    Lamphouse Photo Co. FInal Friday

    Over the years, the Labor Party has hosted many Final Friday events. They tend to be a bit off center. There are lots of galleries, and they fill that role better than this space ever could. My favorite have been the collaborative shows. Dozens of people contribute to the whole experience.
    This upcoming Final Friday, June 28th, I think we are hosting one of the most fun, most interesting, shows so far.


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